Friday, April 29, 2011

Severe Drought in Southeast Texas

Drought conditions across Southeast Texas, including Montgomery County and The Woodlands Township, combined with dry vegetation and high winds, have increased the potential for wildfires that could spread at a rapid pace, placing lives and property in harm’s way.
Montgomery County issued a fire ban on April 11, 2011, which prohibits outdoor burning. The Woodlands Township does not allow open burning at any time without a permit, and The Woodlands fire department urges all residents to use extreme caution when using any type of open flame.
“Until conditions improve, The Woodlands Fire Department discourages any use of fire pits, charcoal grills or any other sources of ignition that could cause an accidental fire,” said The Woodlands Fire Chief Alan B. Benson.
“The prolonged lack of sufficient rainfall has led to decreased levels of moisture found in fallen limbs, trees and accumulated debris on the forest floor, which can readily ignite.”
Already, The Woodlands Fire Department has responded to a number of grass fires in The Woodlands and surrounding areas. There have been a number of wildfires in Montgomery County, one in particular in the woods.
“Please be very careful and aware of the situation, and if you should smell or suspect fire of any type, please call 9-1-1,” Chief Benson said.
For more information about the fire ban in Montgomery County, please visit:
For more information about the fire ban from the state’s perspective, please visit:

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