Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow was not such a big event

Sure, it was nice to see and many enjoyed winter throughout the day, but the fact of the matter is that we did not receive much snow! Flurries for much of the day, nothing accumulated until about 3pm when the fluffy stuff began to fall in moderate amounts. Then as you see here, cars, fences and rooftops showed evidence of some accumulation. There was no snow on the ground in The Woodlands on this day.

This is the earliest snow event on record in the Houston area. It is also the first time on record that we received snow two years in a row. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Snow again?

Since The Woodlands is on the north side of the Houston area, one would think we have a really good shot of getting some snow when Houston is predicting a snowfall. That may or may or may not be the case. Typically along the coast, there is less moisture to freeze the further one goes north, but of course on the other hand, the temperature is often colder to the north. This weekend's prediction has abnormally cold air moving in from the northwest and an upper low pressure mass as a coincidental arrival.  This is a typical scenario for snow in the deep south. Sometimes, we get nothing and the snow falls on the coast. Sometimes it works the other way, but usually we have small amounts of snow and those closer to the coast usually gets the good stuff.

If we do get snow this weekend, it will be the earliest snow fall on record. Last year we had a snowfall in the second week of December, a record then. Last year, there was a a little sleet and snow on the ground. Most accumulations were on automobiles, fences and other places off the ground.

Whether we see it or not this year, last year is well remembered, especially by the children who screamed out in excitement "snoooow!!" as they ran about outside trying to taste it, feel it and just enjoy the rarely seen flakes falling softly from the sky.