Monday, June 28, 2010

Tropical Storm ALEX to become hurricane

This storm after exiting Belize on Sunday is now on a more northerly course and is forecast to strike south of Brownsville. The national weather center has therefore moved its predicted landfall hundreds of miles north in only one day.  Since it remains some five days away, it is worth watching and making initial preparations for a hurricane in southeast Texas. Within the next two days, it is wise to check generators and cut remove dead limbs out of trees. Bulletins are being issues this morning to watch this storm.
One bulletin for Montgomery County

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Do you know about sun dawgs?

Here in Texas, we don't refer to something astrological as a dog. Sure, we'll accept dawg! But our special buddies are not astrological. Well, I guess the sun is sort of astrological. At least my ex-wife thought it was.  It is the opposite of moon which reflects the image of the earth. So you can do all sorts of things with that idea. Gone is the man in the moon. Replace that with all sorts of moods and pscyho things of a person. They call those signs.

What in the world are we talking about anyway? A sun dawg is more than one sun on the horizon. No kidding! A sunset might have three suns! That means three worlds to some. Anyway it has to do with weather, so I thought I'd share a bit of this trivia with you since I have to put up with it today.

Look at what someone on the other side of the world says 'bout this dawg on the horizon.

Here is a technical link from the sun doctor himself if you want the details of the ice and refractions off of it causing this phenomenon.