Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No water shortages this year

Here in The Woodlands Texas, as well as southeast Texas in general, the last couple of years have been difficult on plant life. Last year, we suffered from high temperatures and drought in the summer, resulting in the loss of many mature and young trees. Watering had to be scheduled. Water rates were adjusted to better conserve our water supply. 

This year is 20% ahead of last year in rainfall volume. Although it is 9% behind the average for this area,  we are still doing fine. We do not have to water our lawns very much. The temperatures have mostly been under 100 degrees, also alleviating some of the demand of our plants for water. Conservation remains a priority but not a day-to-day concern. Hopefully our subterranean reservoirs will be replenished. To understand that, we will have to look at rainfall in the watershed for the producing reservoirs, further to our north.

Through August in Indian Springs, we have accumulated 28.32 inches of rain. This is not the entire story of course, because the frequency of rain has a lot to to do with the need to water our yards. My bank account is grateful for the near normal year. My plants are grateful for survival. I am grateful for not having to spend no much time tending to the plants. Creatures are thankful for a more bountiful harvest in blooms, fruits and seeds.