Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Additional Fire Stations in The Woodlands - emergencies impact

Next summer, a new fire station is scheduled to open on Gosling Road near the bridge over Spring Creek. This will provide easier and quicker access to professional emergency personnel for the residents of Indian Springs, Creekside Park and Panther Creek. There are CERT members in Indian Springs and Panther Creek as well, to help in disaster situations such as a hurricane or tornado. Since I am one of them and currently represent Indian Springs, I would be an appropriate contact in Indian Springs. CERT is not to be used in lieu of the professionals working at the fire stations, but the team is trained to be first responders, so whatever is quicker in dire situations should be followed. A neighbor CERT member can be of immediate help while the professionals could be tied up helping others. Make sure you know a CERT member to contact in case of emergencies as an alternative to 911 calls.     

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