Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Drought conditions continue

April was a poor month for rain.  Our yards are suffering from it. Worse, May has been almost totally dry. I am already losing trees in reforested areas near my home. Summer is looking very bleak. So far this year, we have received 10.47 inches here in Indian Springs, in the heart of The Woodlands. That is 3.47 inches behind the average, or a 25% deficit.

On June 1st, the Atlantic hurricane season begins. Since we have a warmer Atlantic than usual for this time of the year, we are expected to have eight hurricanes with four of them being major ( cat 3 or 111+ MPH winds) along the coast this year. Colorado State University forecasters are predicting fifteen named storms.

By the time August rolls around, we are usually in the mood to get a small storm. Rarely do we have a "freight train" run over us. It is the water we want, not the wind!

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