Monday, February 22, 2010

How to measure snow

Although the normal ratio of snow to rain for the same amount of water is 10:1, it depends on the wetness of the snow. Once inch of rain in the form of snow is likely to be less than 10 inches of snow here. So we cannot depend on measuring water to know how much snow we get. An open rain gauge can measure the mount of snow. Normally a gauge has a funnel at the top. That has to be removed to measure snowfall.

Snow accumulations are measured on a flat surface. I will put out a sheet of plywood. The color should be light to discourage melting of the snow. Put the board or flat surface material out early so that it adjusts to the temperature. Make sure it is located in a place free from obstructions and not under a tree. That removes most locations here in The Woodlands. Then measure the thickness of the accumulation with a ruler. It is that simple.

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